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What's in the Share in 2023

Share Size

The Farm Share will have 4 - 5 vegetables in the bag in each: in the spring and early summer, the bags will be lighter with 4 vegetables like lettuce, radishes, and greens. In the summer and fall, the share will be heavier with 5 vegetables like cucumbers, eggplant, potatoes and squash. It's probably not enough to feed a family (or a vegetable-loving individual) for a week, but it's a great way to get some nice, chemical-free vegetables into your refrigerator.

Share Contents

Our Farm Share, like many others, offers fresh vegetables when they are in season. We'll give you snap peas in the spring, tomatoes in August, rutabaga in the fall. Some vegetables will make very frequent appearances in the share. Fruiting vegetables like tomatoes and zucchini are usually very productive and we'll have a lot to share with you. We'll do our best not to overload you (you won't get a bag of cucumbers, we promise!), but in late July, August, and early September, you can expect to see a couple of zucchinis and few cucumbers, a half pound of green beans, and 3 or 4 tomatoes in your share every week. In the spring and fall, you can also expect to see a lot of radishes and lettuce, and you'll probably see some type of onion every other week. Also, greens like kale, chard, and spinach and specialty greens like broccoli raab and mustard greens will make regular appearances in the share — we can sometimes gauge whether or not someone will like the share based on how comfortable they are cooking with greens!

Examples of Shares from 2021

Week of June 29th

New red potatoes (1.5 pounds), Broccoli raab (small 1/4 pound bunch), Head lettuce (green butterhead and romaine), Sugar snap peas (a pint)

Week of August 7th

Celery (a small head), Cucumber (2 large), Purple beans (1/2 pound), Garlic (3 heads), Cremini mushrooms — off-farm (1 pound)

Week of September 21st

Beets (a large bunch), Arugula (1/4 pound), Delicata Squash (1 large squash), Yukon potatoes (1.5 pound), Dill (a large bunch)

Crop List 2023

The seed list is variable: we might add a crop or two, and some crops might fail. But here is our best guess for the vegetables you might see in your share this year, along with their availability.

Arugula, Astro: Spring, Fall

Basil, Italian: Early Summer, Summer

Beans, Filet: Summer

Beans, Romano: Summer

Beans, Yellow Wax: Summer

Beans, Dry: Fall

Beets, Red: Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Broccoli, Sprouting: Spring

Brussels Sprouts: Fall

Bunching Onions: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Cabbage, Caraflex: Early Summer, Summer

Carrots: Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Chard: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Cilantro: Spring, Fall

Cucumber, Lemon: Summer

Cucumber, Persian: Summer

Cucumbers, Standard: Summer

Dill: Spring, Summer

Eggplant, Asian: Summer, Fall

Eggplant, Italian: Summer, Fall

Eggplant, Mini: Summer, Fall

Garlic, Hardneck: Summer, Fall

Greens Mix: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Kale, Winterbor: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Kale, Tuscano: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Kohlrabi: Early Summer

Lettuce Mix: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Lettuce, Head: Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Melon, Var.: Late Summer

Onions, Red: Summer, Fall

Onions, Yellow Storage: Summer, Fall

Onions, Yellow Cippolini: Summer, Fall

Pac Choi: Spring, Early Summer

Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf: Early Summer, Summer, Fall

Peas, Sugar Snap: Spring, Early Summer

Pepper, Red Bell: Summer, Fall

Pepper, Lunchbox: Summer, Fall

Pepper, Early Jalapeño: Summer, Fall

Pepper, Shishito: Summer, Fall

Potatoes, Fingerling: Summer, Fall

Potatoes, Red: Summer

Radicchio: Fall

Radishes: Spring, Fall

Rutabega: Fall

Spinach: Spring, Fall

Squash, Summer: Early Summer, Summer

Squash, Winter: Fall

Tomatoes, Big Beef: Summer

Tomatoes, Brandywine: Summer

Tomatoes, Green Zebra: Summer

Tomatoes, Paste: Summer

Tomatoes, Sun Gold: Summer

Tomatoes, Striped German: Summer

Tomatoes, Juliet: Summer

Turnips, Hakurei: Spring & Fall

Turnips, Storage: Fall